Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Movie Project!!!!!!!!!!!

Innnnnnnnnnn Actionnnnnnnnnnn: Sooooo We For Nu-Works We've Been Working On A Movie Project For The Past Few Weeks!....It's Been A Really Cool & Fun Process.... But Also Long & Hurtful To Some But I Loved It!....At The Beginning  I Didn't Care For It Because Of The Prompt That My Team Had At The Time & I Think It's Because I Really Wasn't Wasn't Understanding It That Well.... After Talking To Ms.E About It I Later Learned What My Prompt Was Really Saying And Later Had An Amazing Video If You Ask Me....If I Had To Do It All Over Again I Would Do It Without The Prompt & Give Every Team 1 Prompt & Let Them All Do Different Videos On That 1 Prompt...... I Had An Great Team Behind Me..... And All Together WE Did A Great Job..... I Just Wish We Could Have Had A Little More Time So We Could've Got Everything Just Perfect!...Dealing With Some Of The Problem's That We Had We Did A Great Job!

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